Take Advantage of Hotel Perks

If you decide to book a vacation to Ireland, then you must research hotels throughout the region in order to find what you are looking for. Most all hotels, whether they are located in Ireland or elsewhere, offer different rates for various services. These rates reflect standard conveniences such as hot towels, wake-up calls, and room service. Some rates are higher, but you often get to experience some wonderful hotel perks. Formal work trips to Ireland might not entice you to look for these perks, but if you book a hotel for a party or celebration, then they might be exactly what you need.

Quality room service is certainly a perk to consider. While all hotels will provide a certain degree of room service, others simply out-perform the rest due to their dedication to the guests. Room service includes plenty of features, including fine food, alcohol and laundry services. The best way to find out if the room service is legitimate is to consult recent reviews. A few poor reviews regarding the room service of a particular hotel should not deter you. Make sure to read all of the reviews as a whole, since a few bad experiences might not indicate a steady pattern of poor service.

A lounge or bar area is another necessary perk if you book a hotel for certain types of parties. One of the best examples is a bachelor party. These parties often get wild, and if you want to make sure you and your party guests have a great time, then you need to check for lounge availability. These lounges employ skilled bartenders to handle a variety of drink orders for large parties. An open bar might be included in your hotel price, but always remember to tip the bartender nicely. Parties take on a life of their own when Irish hotels provide bar and lounge perks to guests.

The food which is served should be fresh and authentic. Classy hotels will provide full menus to visitors, and these menus reflect special meal options for a given day of the week. Additionally, it's important to make sure that you have quality meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When a hotel advertises great food service, then it should be available throughout the day.

Perhaps most importantly, some hotels in Ireland offer spa treatments, massages, or hot tubs. All of these perks are geared toward keeping you feeling relaxed during your stay. They are the perfect answer to sore muscles after a long day of work with colleagues. A hot tub might be included in your hotel room prices, but spa treatments might cost a bit more. It all comes down to identifying the hotels with the best perks, and then taking advantage of great deals to experience them.