Booking a Hotel to Experience Pub Culture

Visitors who come to Ireland wish to experience natural beauty within the landscape, and the unique cultures that are ingrained within the region. Undoubtedly, one of the major draws for Ireland visitors is the Irish pub. The pub is a place where you can eat great food while sampling some incredibly diverse and great-tasting beers and wines. If you wish to experience the pubs for yourself, then you need to make sure you book a hotel that is within walking or biking distance of your destinations. This guarantees a much more enjoyable experience for everyone who is involved.

The best course of action to take once you book your hotel, is to plan a pub crawl. A pub crawl is a planned visitation to most of the area watering holes, and they are usually conducted by foot. This means that you will be walking to the pubs, as opposed to getting public transportation to sample Irish beers and spirits. After the planning phase of your pub crawl is complete, it is important to let the hotel staff know about your intentions. This serves a safety purpose because alcohol has the ability to impair judgement, and you or others in your party, might become disoriented during the crawl. If you go missing, then the hotel staff knows to inform the authorities to check on you.

Another key piece of the equation is ensuring that each person participating in your pub crawl has access to the hotel. If a person gets separated and makes his or her way back to the hotel late at night, then they need to be able to gain entry, even if the room is not checked out to them. This means that you should leave a list with the hotel staff to make sure they know that your friends have access. Door cards are often given out, and this allows certain people to simply scan a card to get inside the hotel room.

Proper planning for a pub crawl might not be the most fun aspect of the experience, but it is certainly important. Part of this planning requires you to make sure that each person has a map and a working cell phone. Emergency contact information should be carried as well, just in case alcohol starts to have a negative affect on you, or one of your friends or family members. Preparing your pub crawl by notifying hotel staff of your plans is a great way to have fun and stay safe at the same time.